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Paint Your Pet - Oil Painting
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Oil Painting Workshop - Paint Your Pet Using Oils at Paint Craze Charlotte


Date/Time: Wed, Jan 30, 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Venue: Paint Craze Park Road Charlotte

Location: 4950 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209, USA

Instructor: Kimie Joe

Only 6 tickets left!


In this Oil Painting Workshop, we will create an alla prima impressionistic oil painting portrait of your beloved pet! Artist Kimie Joe will teach you the basics of oil painting, stroke-by-stroke, as you focus on the highlights, shadows and details of your precious pet.  All types of animals work - Cats, Dogs, Horses, Rabbits, Birds - they are all great to paint! Your final painting will be an impressionistic, stylized work of art!

Includes canvas, template preparation, brushes, oil paints, medium and all other supplies!  Bring an empty pizza box or something to transport your painting home. It will be wet for several days!

How it works:
Immediately after purchasing your ticket, email a photo of your pet to We will use the photo as a reference to paint at the event. Your pet will be the focus of the painting. Backgrounds will not be included. Please only one pet per canvas. Please email your photo at least 3-days prior to the class date.

HELPFUL TIP: A great portrait starts with a great picture! Choose a high quality photo that shows your pet in a forward facing position so you can see all of the features on your pet's face! Head shots, close up, color photos with outdoor lighting work best. If your pet is one solid color, try to capture them in lighting that creates highlights on their fur. Use pictures where your pet is clearly visible. 

Feel free to bring your favorite snack and beverages to enjoy while you paint.

*Limited Seats for a small, intimate learning environment and more one-on-one interactions with the instructor.
What People Say About Us
"It was clear that everyone loved the Paint Craze Event, I didn't know we had so many budding artists out there! Paint Craze is THE BEST!! Please anyone thinking of having a Fundraising event or just want to have some Social Fun SIGN up for a Paint Craze event." Nancy
"It was awesome! All the staff is friendly & encouraging. Comfortable atmosphere and lots of FUN! Adult & kid friendly events. Will definitely be back!" Priscilla M
"I had so much fun celebrating my birthday with Paint Craze! I will definitely be back soon. :-)"
Keshia H